Example Case Results

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Bicycle Car Door Accident

While riding her bicycle down the bike lane of North Carolina Avenue in the District of Columbia, the 28-year-old female bicyclist briefly observed an automobile passing her on her left. After passing her the driver parked his car on the right side of the street next to the bike lane then, without looking in his mirrors, opened his door directly in her path of travel causing her to crash into the door. The biker, a federal employee living in Arlington, sustained a hand laceration in the web of her right hand requiring sutures, as well as a shoulder strain. No physical therapy was ordered by the treating orthopedic surgeon. The case settled for $15,000.

OWCP Back Injury

An employee of a defense contractor located in the District of Columbia was working as a computer network engineer when he injured his back attempting to move a computer server. In between multiple back surgeries he attempted to return to work several times but was unable to continue in his position. An ongoing course of pain management, spinal injections and physical therapy did not ameliorate his condition enough to allow him to return to work. The case resolved at a mediation for a structured settlement that would provide monthly payments for 20 years and a Medicare Set Aside valued at $345,000 to be paid out yearly for ongoing medical care as needed and an additional $102,000 for non-Medicare covered prescriptions and out of pocket expenses.

Nursing Home Fall

After a fall at home, the family of an elderly woman decided to place their mother in a nursing home facility after completing rehabilitation at a local hospital. The nursing home facility was advised that their mother was a fall risk and would need two nursing home assistants to move her. Unfortunately a week after her admission, a lone nursing assistant dropped her while moving the patient from the bed to the wheelchair, fracturing her leg. No incident report was filed. The case settled during court mandated mediation.

Work And Third Party Injury

This is an example of how an employee can have two separate claims arising out of a work related injury if another individual or company was negligent in causing the accident and resulting injury. An employee of a large health insurance company was walking to the elevator after work when she was caused to slip and fall onto the ground. The area of the hallway was being renovated and the existing floor was covered with cardboard to protect the carpeting. Unfortunately, the cardboard was held down with blue painter's tape which broke easily when walked upon. As she was walking to the elevator, her foot caught underneath one of the loose cardboard pieces and she fell hard to the ground, fracturing her left femur. After several surgeries involving the placement of hardware at the site of the fracture, she made a slow recovery.

The case was settled for a substantial amount of money with the third party insurance carrier. In addition the existing workers' compensation lien for payments made to her for temporary total benefits and for her medical care was negotiated with the workers' compensation carrier in order to pay only a reduced part of the lien, yet keep her medical care open for life.

Traumatic Spinal Injury

A 24-year-old young man, working his way up at a fast food establishment, was severely injured when the store was being robbed. He sustained a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia with its related consequences. After a long course of treatment in several major trauma hospitals, he underwent extensive rehabilitation at specialized hospitals both in and out of the state of Maryland. After years of medical care and treatment he was able to return to work for a period of time due to the employer's good intentions and the client's strong will. He eventually stopped working and decided to take college level courses both on site and online. After a lengthy mediation the case was settled for $450,000 in a lump sum and a Medicare Set Aside for medical care over his lifetime valued at over $600,000.