Understanding Personal Injury Protection Coverage

We at the Law Offices of John P. Zanelotti, PC, recommend that you not only carry Personal Injury Protection coverage, and that you keep the amount at a higher level. We know that medical care is costly and your medical bills could easily exceed the lower level of coverage within a very short period of time.

What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides certain payments under the individual's personal automobile policy. In Maryland, if you carry PIP on you automobile insurance policy, every occupant will be entitled to payment of your medical bills and a percentage of lost wages up to the amount of the policy limits. Generally most individuals carry the minimum of $2,500, but you can purchase more coverage such as $10,000 for not much more cost. Under the Maryland Insurance laws, every insurance company is required offer PIP insurance, and you must actually sign a waiver form provided by the carrier to reject this form of insurance.

The Benefits Of Personal Injury Protection

PIP coverage has many benefits for both drivers and passengers regardless of fault. Some benefits include:

  • PIP protection individually covers each and every driver and passenger in the affected automobile. In other words if the coverage amount is $10,000, then every person in the vehicle would get $10,000 worth of coverage.
  • PIP benefits are paid without regard to fault, so even if you are at fault in an accident PIP still applies.
  • If you are injured in an automobile accident and you are not at fault, you as the driver or passenger are allowed to claim the PIP medical and wage loss benefits, and the at-fault insurance company would be responsible for the same medical bills and wage loss in any claim or suit against the other driver. In essence, the injured victim can claim the medical bills and lost wages from both the PIP policy and from the at fault insurance company as long as they are causally related to the accident.

Take Immediate Action With Claims

Keep in mind that the Maryland insurance laws require that PIP claims be made within one year of the accident date and many insurance companies require PIP application forms to be filled out and signed. PIP covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses for up to three years.

If you are covered under your own Maryland issued liability policy, and PIP coverage was waived under that policy, then you would not be entitled to PIP coverage under the vehicle in which you are traveling.

We strongly urge you to review your policy with your insurance agent before an accident and to contact us if you are involved in an accident.

Representing Accident Victims

If you have been in a car accident and have questions regarding PIP or what steps you should take after the wreck, contact us today. We have two office locations in Laurel and Ocean Pines. We proudly serve injury victims across the Eastern Shore and through the Western Shore towns of Prince Frederick, Waldorf and La Plata. Call 410-202-8067 to speak with a personal injury attorney.