What To Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a car accident as a driver, passenger, bicyclist or while on foot can be extremely frightening and chaotic. Taking the right action after an accident may be crucial for recovery and compensation efforts. At the Law Offices of John P. Zanelotti, PC, we have been helping crash victims for almost 40 years and can guide you through what to do next.

Steps To Take After A Wreck

  1. If you are seriously injured, stay in your vehicle if safe to do so, until emergency personnel arrive.

  2. Exchange information with the other driver including name, address, phone number, insurance information, license number of the driver, as well as the vehicle tag and vehicle description or make sure the police provide you with the information and the police accident report number.

  3. Go to the Emergency Room of your local hospital, by ambulance if required; otherwise see a doctor immediately, even for "minor" injuries as you may feel worse the next day or two.

  4. Report the accident to your own insurance agent or company.
  5. Do NOT give a recorded statement to the insurance company that insures the negligent driver. The adjuster will call you and ask for a recorded statement.

  6. Contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury, who can document and investigate the claim while it is fresh, and who can provide advice about the best medical care and treatment.

Generally, if the liability insurance company admits fault, they will ask you to bring the vehicle to a repair shop and allow you a rental car while the vehicle is being inspected and repaired. Otherwise, you can have your own insurance company repair the vehicle, minus your deductible. Once the liability insurance company agrees to fault, your deductible will be reimbursed. You may or may not have rental insurance depending on your insurance policy.

Representation When It Matters Most

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