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Guidelines for Injured Workers

Guidelines for the Maryland Injured Worker

1. A claim for lifetime medical treatment and other benefits must be filed with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commision (WCC)within two (2) years of the injury or all benefits will be lost.  The claim should be filed generally within 60 days of the injury.

2. Notice of the injury on the job should be given to the Employer as soon as possible after the accident. Note the date, time and person notified if done orally. Most employers require written notices. Voluntary payment of wage loss and medical expenses by the employer or insurer are not an official acceptance of the claim.

3. An Award issued by the WCC is the only guarantee of continued wage benefits or medical treatment.

4. Obtain medical care as soon as possible and provide an accurate history as to how the injury occurred on the job.  An employee may go to any physician or his or her choice under the Maryland Act.  One cannot jump from one doctor to another without consequence.  Insurance companies are allowed require you to be examined by a physician of their choice.

5. If you are taken off work by a physician you need to obtain a disability statement or off duty statement from your doctor and provide it to your employer and the insurance adjuster.

6. The employee is not liable for payment of any medical expenses after the provider has been paid according to a fee schedule maintained by the Commission.  There is no balance billing.

7. Attorney fees are regulated by the Commission and generally are paid out of any award of temporary total or permanency benefits to the employee after an Award is passed.

Every Client Matters

Injuries to a family member or loved one can be traumatic and result in the inability to work and provide for the family. Insurance companies have access to in house attorneys and the money to defend claim. The more serious the injury the more the insurance company will downplay the damages. Getting help early is the key to maximizing both your physical and monetary recovery.