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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobile, truck, bus and motor cycle accidents occur every minute of every day causing painful and disabling injuries to innocent victims.  Medical bills, medical care, hospital care, specialists and loss of income are just a few of the complications arising out of such accidents.  PIP or no-fault benefits are generally available to the passengers of each vehicle for loss of wages and medical bills.  If the at fault driver has no insurance a claim can be made for uninsured motorist under your own policy.  Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit and paying claims for the proper value is not part of their business model.  We can assist you with the initial PIP or no-fault claims and property damage and advise on proper medical care, specialist and rehabilitation. 

Truck and Bus Accidents

These type of accidents almost always result in serious bodily injury or death because of the huge difference in mass.  Trucking and bus firms and their insurance companies will dispatch a ground team to the crash site to try to mitigate the claim. You need an attorney who can act swiftly to preserve evidence that may prove critical to your recovery of damages.  We can skillfully counter the defense team's efforts to deny or downplay your claim for damages and oversee a thorough investigation into the other driver's negligence or the truck or bus company's practices.  Driver fatigue (exceeding Federal Hours of Service), driver error (speeding, tailgating, lane changes, turning), distracted driving, overweight truck or unsecured freight, poor maintenance (brakes, tires) or negligent hiring (prior accidents or record) could be factors causing the accident.  Strict Federal regulations govern tractor-trailers and other large trucks. 

We have handled cases involving tractor trailers, delivery trucks, Metro buses, utility trucks and other commercial vehicles in Laurel, Bowie,Annapolis, Upper Marlboro and other towns on both the western and eastern shore of Maryland .  Many of these accidents caused serious and permanent injuries or life-threatening injuries such as spinal cord injury, back and neck injuries, brain injury, shattered bones or loss of limb.  We carefully detail damages for future medical costs, lasting disability, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering or lost enjoyment of life. Experts in all medical fields from shock trauma, neurosurgery, rehabilitation to life care planners need to be consulted.

Texting and Distracted Driving

Texting while driving has become a major factor in many auto accidents, even though it is banned in Maryland and D.C.  Maryland and D.C. statutes prohibit all drivers from text messaging or using handheld phones while driving. From newly licensed teenagers to veteran truck drivers, any driver who is distracted by a cell or smart phone is at much greater risk of causing a collision.  Texting while driving is the most dangerous type of distraction because hands are occupied and eyes are diverted from the road. Mental concentration is divided.  A distracted driver is more prone to weaving, running a red light or rear-end another vehicle. Such driving habits often result in serious accidents because of traffic violations and delayed reactions in swerving and braking. Our office can investigate whether the driver was distracted in driving and whether such behavior caused an accident. 

Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

When a pedestrian or biker is unexpectedly struck by an automobile or other vehicle weighing thousands of pounds in an intersection the outcome is always grim. Motor vehicles, bikers and pedestrians must obey the traffic laws of the state or town. Turning onto a roadway without looking for or yielding to pedestrians in a cross walk or bikers in a lane can result in severe injuries to the walker or rider. In addition the driver of the vehicle could fail to look both ways before crossing the roadway. Minor children can be injured in pedestrian accidents on the way to school or play. These type of accidents can occur during all seasons but particularly in cities, towns or suburbs, but especially in the summer months when such activities are more prominent such as vacation time in Ocean City, or festivals in towns around the area.

Again these type of accidents can result in broken limbs, spinal cord injuries and brain injury. The injured person must obtain all relevant information from the accident site and also obtain the best medical care available to treat the injuries.  We can assist in all areas of the claim.

Every Client Matters

Injuries to a family member or loved one can be traumatic and result in the inability to work and provide for the family. Insurance companies have access to in house attorneys and the money to defend claim. The more serious the injury the more the insurance company will downplay the damages. Getting help early is the key to maximizing both your physical and monetary recovery.