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Summer Motorcycle Accidents

Posted by John Zanelotti | Jul 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

There are typically a rash of motorcycle accidents beginning in the Spring and lasting through the Fall as motorcycle owners clean, polish and ride their motorcycles.  Accidents can be single vehicle incidents where the driver of the motorcycle fails to negotiate a turn or multiple vehicle accidents where a car or truck fails to see an oncoming motorcycle. The most typical scenario that this office sees is a motorcycle being struck by an automobile when the car turns left in front of the motorcycle and directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle. The result is a severely injured motorcyclist (and sometimes a passenger). This happens even though motorcycles have automatic on headlights and sometimes multiple headlights. I have seen this happen during Bike Week in Daytona Beach and Bike Week here in Ocean City, MD. All drivers must be aware of motorcycles and bicycles using the roadways of our public highways and streets. Keep an eye out for oncoming walkers, bikers and motorcyclists.

This exact scenario played out yesterday, July 7, 2015, when a Lexus driving down Route 113 turned left into the path of a motorcycle at Bishopville Road in Worcester County, killing the motorcyclist. The Lexus struck two more vehicles before it came to a stop. Of course the driver of the Lexus sustained minor injuries. As the summer progresses and we have more two wheeled vehicles on the roads, and more and more automobile traffic due to vacationers, we must be more vigilant about their existence on the roads and bike lanes. This law office has handled numerous motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents at our Laurel Metro office and now at our Ocean Pines, Maryland office. If you need the assistance of an attorney with over 34 years of experience in personal injury, please call us.

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Mr. Zanelotti has practiced as an attorney and trial lawyer for over 33 years focusing in personal injury law on the side of the injured person. He practices in Maryland, the District of Columbia and the Eastern shore of Maryland.


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