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Pedestrian Accidents

Posted by John Zanelotti | May 03, 2016 | 0 Comments

As the weather warms and the tourist season blossoms, pedestrians are being seen once again on Ocean Highway, and on Main Streets in our towns and cities. Today in Ocean City a 67 year old Pennsylvania man was struck and killed while crossing 94th Street, apparently against a pedestrian signal.  He was struck by an Ocean City police vehicle on Ocean Highway proceeding on a green light.  As pedestrians we need to maintain a vigilance for motor vehicles on the right of way and to cross only at a traffic signal with a pedestrian "walk" sign especially on four lane roadways.  Vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed on this roadway and in the summer the traffic is congested. Even in towns like Berlin, traffic can be stop and go at times down Main Street with people paying more attention to the shops than the traffic.

If a pedestrian is struck while crossing on a " walk" signal while in a crosswalk by any vehicle, then there is a cause of action against the negligent driver of the car or truck.  Keep in mind that if a government or police vehicle is negligent in the operation of a motor vehicle, there are rules and procedures for putting the town, county or state on notice of a claim or the claim could be rejected and dismissed.  These rules fall under the Local Tort Claims Act or the State Tort Claims Act and have specific requirements.  Anyone struck by a motor vehicle owned and operated by a governmental entity, while a pedestrian or a driver or passenger of a car, should contact an attorney shortly after the accident for many reasons beside putting the government on notice. We have handled these type of accidents for over 34 years and can guide you through the entire claim.  Whether an accident occurs in Ocean City, Berlin, Pocomoke City, Easton, Cambridge, the Eastern Shore, Annapolis or in the Metropolitan Area, we have been exclusively representing the injured person and his or her family in the claim for injuries and damages.

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John Zanelotti

Mr. Zanelotti has practiced as an attorney and trial lawyer for over 33 years focusing in personal injury law on the side of the injured person. He practices in Maryland, the District of Columbia and the Eastern shore of Maryland.


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